8 Feb 2020
Catagories: Interview 37

Nadine talks to Angela Scanlon on BBC Radio 2 Breakfast to talk about the jungle life, best friends, that lie, and of course her new single, All That I Know.

5 Feb 2020
Catagories: Interview 31

Nadine is supporting Fabulous’s Mum Of The Year competition and has spoke out about the highs and lows of motherhood and coparenting with Jason Bell.

“I’m not a single mum, I am just a mum.
As a woman I think we are capable of doing so many things. There is great ability to compartmentalise — to focus on the task at hand, do it well and then move on to the next one, while having another million things going on.”

She went on to say

“It’s difficult and there are times when you are like, ‘That’s it’.
Some days I am fine but us mums are not robots, we are not perfect, we have to give ourselves a break and a pat on the back .”

Discussing how they manage to make it work with their daughter, she reveals: “Anaíya is the priority.

“She knows exactly where she is going to be, she knows exactly what is going on. There are no surprises. I am very thankful of the situation.”

“Mums don’t get enough recognition or credit for what they do.
It is often assumed that there is some kind of fairy in the house who makes the food, does the washing and the organising.
There is not that cheerleader who is bigging people up for doing what seems to be normal tasks but it’s really quite difficult to do on top of everything else.”

And that’s why Nadine is backing the competition.

She says: “It’s so lovely to have Mum Of The Year. There should be Mum Of The Week — and the day.
Any time mums are getting celebrated, I am right there celebrating.”

To nominate your mum fill in the form at – before February 24.

11 Aug 2019
Catagories: Interview 30

Hi, Nadine! Have you found it frustrating that you’ve not emulated the success of Girls Aloud in your solo career yet?

How I feel is always changing. Even though we were such a great band, there were ups and downs there, too. The overall memory that everyone has is that we got to do all of these amazing things, but there were struggles and hard times to get to those places. I think the difference is now I enjoy it a lot more. Ultimately, I’m self-employed and I get to pick and choose what I do. I’m in a comfortable place that I’ve been trying to get to for a while. I’m there now and it feels good.

Do you have any regrets?

I have loads. Around the time that Girls Aloud was at its biggest, I was offered some huge acting roles in America. I decided to stay loyal to the band rather than take those other opportunities. Sometimes I wonder whether I should have just taken them. But I can’t get mad thinking about it – I just have to believe it wasn’t meant to be. I’m definitely not the type of person who can say I don’t regret anything, though, because I do.

Where’s home for you these days?

I’ve always had a base in both London and Northern Ireland. I’m either here or there or I’m working somewhere. This summer I’ve had live shows all over, but I always come back home to London.

What’s everyday life like for you?

It’s totally normal – and it always has been. Even at the busiest times when I was in Girls Aloud, my house was my sanctuary. When I come home, I switch off and there’s no work involved. I love to cook and hang out with my husband Jason [Bell, 41, a former American football star and NFL pundit] and our daughter Anaiya, five. We’re a very close family.

So you’ve never allowed fame to intrude on your privacy?

No. I made that conscious decision from the beginning. In the Girls Aloud days, we would have meetings where we would sit with a PR and make up stories [to feed to the press]. I was always really uncomfortable with it – it felt like we were building a glass house. I don’t want to be in the newspapers or to feel like I have to manipulate things to make my life seem a way it’s not. I’m happy with how things are. My focus has always been on being a singer. It’s easy enough to keep it private.

Cheryl has really struggled with life in the public eye. Do you think she could have had more privacy if she’d wanted to from the start?

I think it’s best not to talk about that. Everybody has their own path and everybody does what they want. I’m all for the way I do it, but I can only say that from my view.

Anaiya has just finished her first year at school – how has she found it?

It’s just flown by. At the end of term she won an award for Most Improved, and we went to the prize-giving ceremony as a family. I was a full-on hooligan, I really was. I stood on a chair and shouted and screamed at my sister to get the camera out.

Is she a little performer, too?

She is. She’s hilarious. She makes up songs and sings all the time. It’s funny because she’s developed this undetectable accent. She’s got a mix of Irish, Jason’s American accent and also bits from her English school.

Do you think you want to have any more kids?

I come from a big Irish Catholic family, which is really full on, so another one would fit in perfectly. I probably wouldn’t even notice another one – there’s so many of us! I enjoyed the whole experience the first time round so if it were to happen I would be happy, but I’m not thinking about another one right now.

How has motherhood changed you?

I’ve actually always been the “mum” friend in my girl groups. I think that’s something people don’t really know about me – I like to make sure that everyone is all right. Plus, I was always the local babysitter at home in Derry and I grew up with my older sister Charmaine having kids, so I saw that being a mum was hard from a young age. I didn’t have a rose-tinted view of what it would be like, which I think is the reason it hasn’t changed me drastically. I do get a lot of Catholic guilt about leaving Anaiya to go on tour, though.

Sarah Harding recently said that you’d been texting – when was the last time you spoke to the others?

I haven’t seen Sarah since Anaiya was a baby. We used to text or FaceTime occasionally, but I haven’t seen any of the rest of them. We don’t have any mutual friends or crossovers, so I haven’t come across them at all. We don’t really work with any of the same people any more.

Could we get a Spice-Girls-style Girls Aloud reunion at some point?

I would really like to. I reckon so – there’s no law against it. Never say never on that one!


14 Feb 2019
Catagories: Gallery, Interview, Photoshoot 67

This month, Nadine covers QX Magazine, a free LGBTQ publication.

It includes a brand new interview and photoshoot. In the interview she covers women in music and Grindr emojis aswell as talking about her show at the Clapham Grand next week.

Check out the gallery links below for the digital scans and high quality photoshoot pictures!

> Magazines > 2019 – QX Magazine – 13th February
> Photoshoots > 2019 > Zefrographica [QX Magazine]

Read the interview:

15 Jul 2018
Catagories: Interview 40

Nadine was interviewed on today to talk about her small role in Pin Cushion.

She also spoke about THAT birth date lie, Girls Aloud, accents and more acting.

Listen to the interview below, as you get to hear a preview of her Pin Cushion role!

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