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Event, Gallery ♦ November 16, 2023

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>> Public Appearances – 2023 – November 16th – The Forth Awards 2023

Nadine picked up the “The Forth Music Recognition” award tonight!

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Event, Gallery ♦ November 05, 2023

Last night, 4th November, Nadine performed a brilliant set at The Clapham Grand in London.

This has been a much publicized event, with multiple interviews coming out to promote it.

Her setlist was:

  • Something Kinda Oooh
  • Go To Work
  • Sexy No No No!
  • Sound of the Underground
  • Biology
  • Megamix

We also got a lot of wonderful photos thanks to James Klug that you can see in the gallery below:

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Performances2023November 4th – The Grand Goes Girls Aloud

And an edit of her performances thanks to The Clapham Grand IG

Not forgetting that Nadine announced on stage that there are some ‘BIG surprises’ coming up. Not sure if this means with herself as a solo or with Girls Aloud, as a lot of rumours have been circling on ‘x’ and forums….

Looks an amazing evening! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but thank you to The Clapham Grand for the invite and thanks to all of you who DMed me videos and photos too! <3

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Event, Gallery, Instagram, Video ♦ November 03, 2023

Nadine turned on the Christmas lights at Kildare Village last night (2nd November)!

She sung ‘Santa Claus is Coming To Town’ before the countdown. Afterwards she did a little meet and greet with fans.

Check below for photos now in the gallery and also a lovely video from the Kildare Village Instagram.

Public Appearances – 2023 – November 2nd – Christmas at Kildare Village, Ireland

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Event, Instagram ♦ October 31, 2023

Nadine has posted a video of herself performing in Manchester on Saturday as part of ’90’s Baby Pop’ concert.

According to fans at the venue, she only sung 2 songs, Sound of the Underground and Biology. It was noted that there was a technical issue and this could be why. But there were a lot of acts, so it may of been the plan to only do the 2.

Either way, i love the video she posted and how everyone is singing along to a song thats 20 years old and still just as enjoyable! And yes we know she isnt a ’90’s’ act!!

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Event ♦ October 29, 2023

I’ve found the first 2024 event date‼️

Nadine will perform at Kubix Festival 13th July 2024, Herrington Country Park, Sunderland!

For the cheapest tickets, early bird entries are currently on sale!


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