4 Dec 2019
Catagories: Im a Celebrity 23

Nadine is the star of the Jungle Panto as she transforms into Critterella!

3 Dec 2019
Catagories: Im a Celebrity, Video 21

Nadine was chosen from the bag of water bottles to do last nights Bushtucker Trial called Movile Home.

She had to collect 10 stars for camp, by untying knots and unscrewing the stars. First, she was distracted by litres of slime, then had thousands of cockroaches and meal worms dumped on her! Keeping her cool she battled through and won her first 4 stars. Next, she had to enter the camper van where fish guts, green ants and crabs were waiting.

She still had her humour throughout the trial, and glided through bagging all 10 stars for the camp! So so proud!

Watch the trial again above and ive also added some HQ photos in the gallery [HERE]

30 Nov 2019
Catagories: Im a Celebrity 20

Nadine was in the bottom 2 last night in the first vote off.

There was a lot of confusion with the votes, especially on the app as they did word it incorrectly, meaning they didn’t count the app votes for last night.

To clear up how to vote for Nadine, please read carefully!

  • From a landline, call 09020 44 24 09 – costs 50p
  • From a mobile, call (not text!) 644 24 09 – costs 50p
  • Via the app – 5 free votes per device. Up to 6 devices!

Only vote when it says to do so per episode. Sometimes, Nadine will not be up for the vote. Do not vote when it is closed as your choice will not be recognised.

There is NO text vote. It’s only via the app or calling the show to vote. To save Nadine we need to do app and phone votes.

Come on Team Nadine, let’s make her Queen of the Jungle!

29 Nov 2019
Catagories: Im a Celebrity 17

Nadine smashes a trial and lifts her jungle curse, in a trial called ‘Sinister Circus. She had to get into the water that was filled with snakes, crabs and water dragons, read codes under water and unlock herself out of the box.

Watch above if you missed it, we’re so proud!

28 Nov 2019
Catagories: Im a Celebrity, Video 19

Nadine and Andy Whyment talk alien in the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge that aired last night (27th Nov)

Even though Nadine hates heights, she conquered her fears and completed the task.

Look at her go!

Tonight, she is involved in the Bushtucker trial called ‘Sinister Circus’. Lets hope she can escape!