14 Mar 2021
Catagories: Interview, Video 8

Jonbenet Blonde chats to Nadine Coyle via Instagram Stories.

Went live 10th March 2021

5 Mar 2021
Catagories: Gallery, Video 8

> Screen Captures > Miscellaneous > 2021 – Confessions with Nadine Coyle

4 Mar 2021
Catagories: Video 13


> Screen Captures > Miscellaneous > 2021 – Nadine’s Makeup Essentials

2 Mar 2021
Catagories: TV, Video 12

You can now watch Nadine’s episode of ‘Art Jam’ over on BBC iPlayer.

In the show, Nadine brings 3 items to show Ricky which includes a photo of her family at Christmas which she cherishes! She also drew a picture of Ricky’s dog before being gifted 3 items personally made by Ricky on the show. We also saw some children’s art they made especially for her, including drawing her EP photoshoot!

The episode will also air on CBBC Friday 5th March at 11am.

Even though this show is for kids, i really enjoyed watching it! Let us know what you think.



24 Nov 2020
Catagories: Video 35

Want something to watch during Lockdown 2.0? I have just the recommendation..

Pin Cushion, the film that Nadine had a small part in, in 2018, is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Nadine plays a glamorous air hostess who Iona (main girl in the film) fantasises to be her mother when she escapes into her dreamworld. The film itself is a stark truth on how bullying and hurtful comments can hurt others.

Nadine spoke about the film: “The script was fascinating. It takes you on a journey of a teenager’s life, and will definitely resonate with all types of people.”

Check out the trailer here:


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