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Welcome to Nadine Coyle UK, your ultimate source for everything about Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle. Nadine is an Irish singer, songwriter, actress and model. She rose to fame in the early 00's as a member of the girl group Girls Aloud. She then started her solo career in 2010, became a mother in 2014 and released an EP in 2017. In 2019, she appeared on "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" and placed 5th.
In 2021 we expect to hear more solo music and TV Appearances. Stick with us to keep up to date with her solo career. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @NCoyleFan

The first Pride date to be announced this year is Chesterfield Pride, which Nadine will be headlining of course!

The event is on Sunday 24th July at Stand Road Park in Chesterfield starting at 12 and finishing at 7pm.

Tickets are £6 for standard entry, with VIP tickets selling at £24.45. VIP gets you priority entry, private bar and toilets, front stage access and a meet with some of the acts (this is at the artist’s discretion and not a meet and greet). This is not a guarantee to be able to meet Nadine but you will be able to see her better on the stage!

To buy your ticket, click here:

I will be attending this event, so please let me know if you are going via twitter @NCoyleFan, maybe we can have a little fan meet?!

Two new diary dates to add to your calenders. Hopefully we get more dates as more festivals complete their confirmed acts for the Summer.

April 29th 2022 – Kiki Weekender
June 5th 2022 – Irlam Live Music Festival

~ Irlam Live is a music festival in Manchester. Playing over 4 days on Jubilee weekend, Nadine will be on stage on the Sunday. You can buy tickets for Sunday for £40.77 here:

~ Kiki Weekender is Southport based, and your ticket is for the whole weekend as you cannot buy a day ticket for this event. Other acts on the bill include Cleopatra and Liberty X. Buy your tickets here:

Get booking!

Nadine Coyle admits the food she ate as a child is vastly different to what her seven-year-old daughter has nowadays.

The former Girls Aloud singer, who was raised in Derry, says: “I come from a small town where it’s very much meat and vegetables – everything’s farm-fresh, but there’s not a lot of variety in foods.”

Coyle, 36, now lives in London with her daughter Anaíya Bell (who she had with ex-fiancé Jason Bell). While she says Anaíya is generally quite “adventurous” when it comes to food, she doesn’t like cheese, eggs or any pork products – and Coyle adds with a laugh: “If we couldn’t eat ham, eggs and cheese [growing up], we may have starved at lunchtime.”

Anaíya definitely enjoys a “wider variety of foods”, says Coyle. “A lot of foods growing up were not available. For example, I didn’t know what an avocado was, I don’t think you could find them in Derry or Donegal when I was growing up” – but Coyle soon stops herself with another chuckle: “I sound like I’m about 90!”

One thing the mother-daughter duo definitely shares is a passion for food. “I love, love, love to cook,” enthuses Coyle. “If I go on holidays and I’m gone for too long, I start to feel really weird. I realised seven or eight years ago it’s because I can’t cook.”

Now, Coyle gets Anaíya in the kitchen as much as possible. Whether it’s making soups or blitzing up smoothies, Anaíya loves getting involved and making up food combinations herself, which Coyle says means “she’ll try everything, because she thinks it’s her recipe – which I find very, very helpful”.

Coyle has been trying to help Anaíya foster a positive relationship with food, particularly in a world where women’s bodies are often overly scrutinised. “It’s so sad when food does become the enemy. I’ve been through that, where you’re thinking, ‘I can’t get the jeans on’, or ‘I’m moving up a size’ – or, in some cases, I’m moving down a size for whatever reason – maybe stress,” Coyle admits.

“Having a good relationship with food is so important, because we have to eat – there’s no way of getting around it,” she says.

“I have never made an issue out of food – if Anaíya wants to have something, I don’t make it an issue. If she wants something sweet – she loves her sweets, she would eat a whole packet of biscuits if she was left to her own devices – I’m like yes, you can have another one, get another one, then OK, that’s enough. Because you don’t want to make yourself sick, and I don’t want you to feel bad for wanting something unhealthy.”

Instead, Coyle is trying to empower Anaíya to make positive choices – which is why she’s looking forward to them using the NHS Food Scanner App together, where you can tap and see what’s actually inside the food you’re eating.

If children are educated about nutritious food from an early age, Coyle says they won’t be “feeling like you’re forcing it on them… So ultimately, in their mind, the decisions are made by themselves. They will be more likely to eat it [healthy food], because it was their decision to go for that.”


An updated government app will use barcodes to encourage families to switch to healthier food as part of heightened efforts to tackle Britain’s child obesity crisis.

The new feature, announced today as part of the Better Health campaign, will scan selected shopping items and suggest alternatives with less saturated fat, sugar or salt. Families using the NHS Food Scanner app will also be shown a “Good Choice” badge for items which could help improve their diet, the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) said.

Nadine Coyle said: “As a busy working mum, I find it hard to say no to my kid’s demands and often give in to “snack” pressure – even though I know it’s not that good for them. I had no idea some foods were so high in sugar, saturated fat and salt – so it’s great that the App gives you alternatives.

“I love using the NHS Food Scanner App and so does my daughter; she likes choosing the healthier swaps which is great – we are already making small changes through good food choices.”

Nadine and dietician Dr Linia Patel met with a family to talk about eating habits and to trial the NHS Food Scanner App for themselves, and recorded a short film to support the campaign.

The free App can be downloaded [HERE] or search ‘Food Scanner App’.

Happy New Year Nadine fans!

I hope you are all safe and well and have a great 2022!

Stick with us to see what Nadine has instore for us this year.