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Interview, Photoshoot ♦ February 13, 2018

As a fifth of Girls Aloud, one of the biggest girl bands of our time, Nadine Coyle is used to the spotlight. Her time since the band, hasn’t been spent twiddling her thumbs or shying away from the craft that has made her a household name.

Nadine is back with a new EP and a UK and Ireland tour. She will be bringing with her new material and for any Girls Aloud fans, the voice of the band will be taking some of their legendary hits back on tour. We joined Nadine in London to catch up and discuss possible reunions and girl power.

Congratulations on the release of Girls on Fire, it’s so exciting for you!

Thank you, it took so long to get to this point, then when it does you don’t know what to do with yourself.

How does your sound differ now to what we have previously heard from you?

My voice has changed a lot. So that sounds different to some of the older songs like the Girls Aloud tracks. I sound so young in comparison, so that’s changed and also the content. It’s about really strong women, the really empowering ‘never the victim’ just kind. I love writing songs about that, this is definitely one for feeling good about yourself.

I got that from Go To Work, it was such a good feel good tune for the girls, what can we expect from your EP?

There’s a song coming out in two weeks called Gossip and is a total different style than Girls On Fire or Go To Work. It’s really laid back, it’s more reflective, not deeper but more reflective. We will keep releasing a song every two weeks and just see how quickly we can turn songs around and get them out there.

What’s the reason for the quick turnover in songs?

The thought process is to have a lot of different songs out there, to give everyone a chance to decide which one is their favourite. See whether people like the Girls On Fire type or the more laid back Gossip type. Just give them a choice. Give people more songs which I think is always a good thing.

There’s something for everyone…


Girls On Fire is definitely one for the girls, a feel good empowering song. How important was that message for you, was it a conscious decision?

I think it is always on my mind to have that ‘not a victim’ kind of wave. To be strong and powerful no matter what we are doing, that it is always at the forefront of my mind. Yes, I think that with Girls On Fire this was definitely the case, it’s all those things we love as girls. Going out, our hips moving, we’re on fire. It came together very naturally.

It feels like a break up, get yourself together song… how do you help girlfriends with that?

Totally, find that strength from within, feel empowered and just love your life.

You just have to love them. Usually, you’ve heard their story. You know what’s been going on. It’s not going well. It can be a long process so when the break-up comes in, it’s ok, take a day and then let’s talk about every single detail. What an arsehole they are, and then dinner, chatting and Girls On Fire.

With all of this exciting news, you are going on tour soon. What are you most looking forward to getting back on the road?

I’m looking forward to having the show really well rehearsed and knowing that it looks really good. When you know a show is really good, you can’t wait to show it to people. I want to know people are going to have an amazing time. Hopefully it will be. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Before then, you don’t know, you’re just imagining it all.

Does it (performing live) ever get any easier?

Um, yeah it does! I think being well rehearsed has a lot to do with it. If I don’t know what I’m doing, with a song or routine, then I will start to get nervous. I’m like “Oh no what is going on?” I might fall over or fall off the stage and then I’ll completely panic. If I know what I’m doing, then it is a lot easier.

I feel like you’d style it out…

Oh I could tell you, I’ve had time where it looks ok but I am dying inside. Not a fun way to spend your day.

You’re singing some of your Girls Aloud hits on the tour, how different is it to perform these alone?

It’s different because on some songs, especially Biology, I sound like a twelve-year-old whereas now I sound like an adult. So you’ve got that, we’ve moved along in that way. It’s different because we had all of the routines and it’s funny how they all just come back to you. As soon as you start doing the songs you’re like, we used to do this. So yeah, the girls aren’t there but I’m still on stage with other people. Backing vocals and people that I’m friends with as well so it just gives you that sense that I’m on stage but I’m not alone.

I loved Can’t Speak French

Oh yeah, it’s coming back to me. It’s hilarious. I’m friends with some of the Girls Aloud dancers and if a song ever comes on and we are out, we are ridiculous. We all take a role and I may not even be myself. I can be somebody else and do the routine. All for a bit of fun.

Why revisit the songs?

Well the songs are just so good. They’ve always gone down so well and they’ve been performed live before. So it feels like if you’re going to do a tour and it’s over an hour, you have to, I have to do some of the Girls Aloud songs. It just wouldn’t be right. Eventually, when I have enough songs and a huge repertoire, I’ll play them less and less. Maybe not though, they still sound so good today. I can’t wait to perform them.

It’s often said you were the voice behind the band. That’s a huge compliment however, does it put pressure on you now that you’re singing these alone?

Not until you just said it. I mean I think it is one of those things where if I’m going to call myself a singer and singing is my job, I should be able to sing. If I can’t, I should pick another job. I need to rehearse and if they don’t sound good I rehearse more and that is the plan to avoid pressure. Keep practising.

What do the other girls think about you performing them, will we see them join you?

Yeah, it just makes sense for all of us to do the songs. So I know that in some of their shows, all the other girls have performed them well so it would be silly not to. We’ll just have to go and see as we are still setting up the show at the minute. We are playing around with ideas, so yeah, we’ll just have to keep things as a surprise. But it’s going to be good.

When you formed the band, there was really only one talent show out there. What do you think about talent shows now, do you think it’s good there is possibly more opportunity?

Yes. I think the internet has been great for people. They can create a following for themselves and upload their own music. I think the TV shows are great, I came from one. It’s a good legitimate way. You know, I wouldn’t have met these people when I’m living in Derry. So that was a great bridge to introduce me to all those people. There’s so many different areas in the music industry, it’s not like you have to be the singer all the time. There are musicians that are needed, stylists, radio, video commissioners. There’s so many jobs and I think it’s a great thing if people can get introductions.

So how do you see your 2018?

Good friends, family and having really good fun with releasing all of this music.

Nadine’s single ’Girls on Fire’ is out now and you can listen or downlaod via this link. For her latest info and tour dates head to


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