The Webmaster: My name is Hayley, I am in my 30’s and live in the UK. I have been running fan sites on and off since 2004. I’ve never been a great designer, so I rely on others to design wonderful layouts for me, however I do love starting up sites, building their galleries and giving 100% into keeping them updated with the latest. I’m a firm believer in having my sites non-profit, meaning I do not make any money off of them.

I founded NadineCoyleFan for a number of years before my paid host decided to lose my entire gallery in Oct 2014 and i didn’t have the time to start over. I was truly gutted to lose a site that i dedicated years of my life on. Nadine and her management knew about the site, and having to close it really broke my heart. My love for Nadine and her voice has never stopped, so i knew i had to make another fansite for her. In 2017, Nadine Coyle UK was born!

I also founded for 10 years until the band split up. The forum was a huge success, more than i ever imagined and i still miss the community a lot, however hard it was to manage somedays!