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Girls Aloud, Twitter, Video ♦ December 01, 2023

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Music, Twitter ♦ July 07, 2023

Nadine has excited fans with a cryptic social media post last night, hinting at a new “release”.

Taking to her socials, Nadine posted an up-close image, with the words “release” on a white background, while only the letters “ne” can be seen on a pink and blue skyscape with palm tree silhouette underneath.

Nadine shared the image across her social media profiles, including her Instagram story and TikTok.

Fans quickly replied in excitement:

“You’re such a tease Nadine! WE NEED MORE” (@emmagomezGAx)
“i am so EXCITED” (@_jodieroberts)

This is great news and we can’t wait to hear more!

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Twitter ♦ June 15, 2021

Happy Birthday Nadine, lots of love on your special day xxx

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Twitter ♦ April 11, 2019

Nadine ranted on her Twitter yesterday over someone claiming to be her management and booking gigs in her name.

“Unfortunately I have to write this but i can’t let it go on. There are 1 or more people saying they represent me for live shows that do not. They are making odd requests & deals that are not coming from me or anyone to do with me. At this point we don’t know all of the info. We are trying to piece it together & hope we get to the bottom of it. I will put a list together of the actual people I work with in the hopes people can go through the right channels & not find ourselves in this position again.

At this point we don’t know how long this has been going on for or how many people they have spoken to but we are at least aware of it now,” she continued. I am sorry to anyone effected so far. Sending loads of love. I hope you have a great rest of your week!!”

She has a list on her Twitter of all her official representatives, which we have also added on the left hand side of our site. They are:

  • A&P artist management
  • CAA
  • Virgin EMI
  • InterTalent
  • Locotalent
  • Xenomania

Soon she will post a list of upcoming performances. She has confirmed one, which is Maspalomas Pride in Gran Canaria May 10th. As soon as we know more confirmed dates we shall update you.

We are a fansite, and have never misrepresented Nadine. We only want to keep fans up to date. Any emails that we do get by mistake are always forwarded onto her management.

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Twitter, Video ♦ December 25, 2017

The Queen of hair flicking has spoken! Here is her Christmas Speech, the only one you need to watch today! 😉

Apologies for the silence this month, its been a busy one plus being ill hasn’t been great either! Updates to come soon x

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