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Interview ♦ November 30, 2023

“Camp and chaotic” is how we described this interview in the headline, and it’s apt. Here, Cheryl, Kimberley, Nadine and Nicola discuss all of the above moments in their career, as well as the divisive single they no longer claim, why they don’t feel the need to record new music and why the “stars have aligned” for this exciting new era in Girls Aloud’s history.

Girls, this will be a very camp and gay interview.

Nadine: Love that.

Kimberley: So happy, we are here for this.

The gays love you… You love the gays. Makes sense.

Kimberley: It’s a mutual thing.

Cheryl: I’ve had many text messages saying, ‘The gays are gagged.’ So, I am fully in the know.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the news reveals that a 5.2 magnitude earthquake was registered at 8pm on Wednesday 22nd November from the sound of queers screaming.

Kimberley: One of my favourite messages on socials was the one about the 4, 3, 2, 1 [countdown] saying, ‘This is basically the gay calendar of the year.’

Nicola: Listen to this message from my best friend. He said, “Promo has got the gays up in a heap, deceased, dead, bodies hanging out of bins, Soho is no more, French bulldogs all up for adoption. Due the mass extinction of the gays, girls: go, go, go, go, go!”

Cheryl: My friend text, “Panics in gay.” What does that mean?

Nadine: It’s like you’re panicking, but in gay mode.

It’s like this: [panics in gay].

Kimberley: That is it, come to life.

Nicola: That’s the level of drama that we deserve.

You’ll see it on this tour. Fainting, crying, dying…

Nadine: No, we don’t want anyone dying.

But if I’m going to die, it’s going to be at a Girls Aloud concert. Know what I mean?

Cheryl: You’d be happy?

Nadine: No better place. That’s the way to go out.


Read more of the interview on Gay Times website:

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