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Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle is an Irish singer, songwriter, actress, and model. She rose to fame in the early 2000s as a member of the girl group Girls Aloud. Nadine started her solo career in 2010, became a mother in 2014 and released an EP in 2017.

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Posted by Hayley How adorable is this video of Nadine arriving back at the hotel in Australia to family and friends and spotting her daughter Anaíya. Have you ever seen anything so warm and pure?!
Posted by Hayley Nadine left the jungle last night, and became the 8th evictee after Caitlynn Jenner. She stayed in the jungle for 21 days, overcoming so many of her fears and we couldn't be any prouder! The love for Nadine that...
Posted by Hayley Last night, Nadine had a letter from home read out to her and the scenes were so emotional! Her sister Rachel had wrote it tell her she has been so courageous and everyone is so proud. She even wrote...
Posted by Hayley Last night, Nadine took part in another Dingo Dollar challenge. This required team work with Myles to pot balls by answering the question correctly. Unfortunately, they didn't get their treat at the end due to the campmates answering the...
Posted by Hayley Nadine is the star of the Jungle Panto as she transforms into Critterella!
Posted by Hayley Nadine was chosen from the bag of water bottles to do last nights Bushtucker Trial called Movile Home. She had to collect 10 stars for camp, by untying knots and unscrewing the stars. First, she was distracted by litres...
Posted by Hayley
Nadine was in the bottom 2 last night in the first vote off. There was a lot of confusion with the votes, especially on the app as they did word it incorrectly, meaning they didn't count the app votes for...
Posted by Hayley Nadine smashes a trial and lifts her jungle curse, in a trial called 'Sinister Circus. She had to get into the water that was filled with snakes, crabs and water dragons, read codes under water and unlock herself out...
Posted by Hayley Nadine and Andy Whyment talk alien in the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge that aired last night (27th Nov) Even though Nadine hates heights, she conquered her fears and completed the task. Look at her go! Tonight, she is involved...
Posted by Hayley Nadine's best friend and dancer Sophie Atkins appeared on Lorraine yesterday morning to talk about Nadine's time on 'I'm A Celebrity' so far. She told Lorraine that Nadine is being herself and pushing herself as she's "scared of everything"....