10 Oct 2017
Catagories: Interview, Performance, Video 21

Nadine Coyle joined Lorraine in the studio this morning for a live performance of her brand new single, Go To Work. Nadine also joined Lorraine on the sofa to chat about her return to music, her Girls Aloud history, and how her accent now has an American twang!

Addressing the well-publicised tensions within Girls Aloud, Lorraine said, “In the band you were always ‘the singer’ and that probably is how there was a little bit of sniping… which you were going to get with girls anyway.”

“Boys are the same,” Nadine replied, “Boys can be even worse sometimes because they want to actually physically fight with each other. At least with girls you can be like, ‘Do it in a separate room. Let’s talk about one another when we’re not face to face!’”

Lorraine continued: “Do you ever see a time where you could all just have a laugh, maybe not necessary perform, but just all be in the same room have dinner and have a bit of a giggle?”

“Of course!” Nadine responded, “Everybody grows up and everybody moves on, and everybody has different priorities in life. I’m sure we can do that at some point.”

You can watch her performance again here:

and her full interview i have uploaded for you over here:

I’ve added HQ pictures in the gallery also:

Public Appearances > 2017 > October 10th – Lorraine
Performances > 2017 > October 10th – Lorraine

2 Oct 2017
Catagories: Interview, Video 20

Nadine appeared on Ch4’s Sunday Brunch show yesterday, to do a bit of a cooking and chat about what shes been up to.

They also interviewed Nadine to talk about her single and the Girls Aloud days.

Head over to the gallery to see images from the show!

Public Appearances > 2017 > October 1st – Sunday Brunch

30 Sep 2017
Catagories: Performance, Video 27

Nadine Coyle – Go To Work on Strictly It Takes Two [29/09/17] on Vimeo.

Watch above for the fabulous performance from Nadine last night. <3

26 Sep 2017
Catagories: Interview, Promotion, Video 24

Nadine is on a radio tour this week!

First up is an interview on Wave 105 FM.

15 Sep 2017
Catagories: Video 26

The official video has finally landed, and Nadine is a total boss in it <3 We love the video that much we have screencapped every single frame from the video and uploaded it to the gallery, over 1000 images! Click the link below to view them:

Screen Captures > Music Videos > Go To Work

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