31 Oct 2017
Catagories: Music, Video 22

27 Oct 2017
Catagories: Interview, Video 20

She’s been a bit quiet recently, but our girl was back on TV yesterday with an appearance on Loose Women.

She spoke about her single Go To Work, her accent, and addressed “rift” rumours very smoothly and graciously!

Watch below if you were at work and missed out:

19 Oct 2017
Catagories: Video 16

A little throwback post for you today!

Here’s Nadine’s first screen debut in a short film called Surfing With William, produced for Northern Ireland Screen.

15 Oct 2017
Catagories: Interview, Video 28

As Nadine Coyle returns with a new solo single, she reflects on her time in Girls Aloud and reveals what she thinks of Little Mix. Interview by Melissa Nathoo.

14 Oct 2017
Catagories: Performance, Video 21

Nadine performed on a new Saturday morning TV show called Saturday Mash-up, on BBC2 today.

We have managed to record the performance for you all, along with some various clips of her appearing on the show in different parts. At one point, she was made to roll toilet paper back onto its roll!



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