16 Nov 2019
Catagories: Gallery, TV, Video 29

Last night, Nadine appeared on Children in Need, which was pre-recorded months ago.

She joined Heidi Range from the Sugababes to answer music questions on the CIN special version of The Hit List.

The girls triumphed and won the show, bagging £10,000 for Children in Need.

You can watch the show on Youtube below, and we have also added 8 HQ pictures to the gallery:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Nadinecoyle_co_uk-001.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-003.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-005.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-008.jpg

> Public Appearances > 2019 > November 15th – The Hit List Children in Need

12 Nov 2019
Catagories: Gallery, Im a Celebrity, TV, Video 27

The news is finally out! Nadine Coyle is heading into the I’m A Celebrity jungle!

We here at Nadine Coyle UK are so excited to see her on our screens and will update you every step of the way, whilst she tackles all the bugs, snakes and heights of the jungle. Most updates will land on our Twitter page first (@NCoyleFan) and we will of course bring the main updates onto here.

Check out the 3 HQ promo images in the gallery and her interview discussing her reasons for entering the show.

> I’m A Celebrity 2019 > Promo Images

2 Nov 2019
Catagories: Promotion 23

Nadine Coyle has appointed Dundas Communications, where Abigail Etchells and Ros Clarence-Smith handle her publicity and PR enquiries.

Is this a hint that recent rumours of her going into the ‘I’m a Celeb’ jungle are true?

Either way, it looks like some exciting projects are up and coming so stay tuned to Nadine Coyle UK for all the latest!

2 Oct 2019
Catagories: Gallery 27

Thanks to Jamie Fadyen Photography, I’ve added 29 HQ pictures of Nadine performing at the Polo Lounge, Glasgow on 29th September, into the gallery.

View them all here:

Nadinecoyle_co_uk-002.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-010.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-017.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-028.jpg

28 Sep 2019
Catagories: Gallery 25

Thanks to Fox & Squirrel and Phil Tugwell, I’ve added 90 HQ pictures of Nadine performing at Chester Pride on 22nd September, into the gallery.

View them all here:

Nadinecoyle_co_uk-013.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-033.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-048.jpg Nadinecoyle_co_uk-090.jpg

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