8 Sep 2017
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The wait is finally over, after years of anticipation, Nadine Coyle gives us that stonker of a tune we have all been wanting in our lives!

Produced by Xenomania – who, as you all know, produced most of Girls Aloud’s biggest hits – it’s a pop banger ready for the weekend.

“When you’re constantly writing you write a lot about relationships and so it was like ‘what else annoys you about being in relationships?’ and they came up with this idea of writing about them being lazy and not getting up in the mornings,” said Nadine.

Go To Work is available to stream and download now:




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8 Sep 2017
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News is coming through thick and fast now and Nadine has yet another date added to her busy schedule.

She is set to perform at London’s prestigious gay bar ‘G-A-Y’ on Saturday 16th September.

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7 Sep 2017
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Girls Aloud’s impressive body of work has long been part of the pop canon, still dominating the playlists of millennials across the UK in 2017 (we’ve all been under the DJ booth screaming for “Love Machine”, right?). Their debut single, 2002’s banger “Sound of the Underground” continues to be considered a brit-pop game changer, and despite the group splitting four years ago, the gals are still very much in demand (I mean, Sarah just won CBB!)

Thankfully, Nadine Coyle is on hand to serve up some new tunes to fill our aural Girls Aloud fix, teaming up with Brian Higgins (who was basically responsible for all your fave GA jams) on her upcoming single, “Go To Work.” For the past two years she’s been writing new material, exploring her new found “soulful” voice.

Ahead tomorrow’s drop (the single lands 8 September), we caught up with Nadine to discuss the evolution of her sound, her relationship with her Girls Aloud bandmates, and the power of the potato… (yes seriously!)

How has your summer been? What have you been up to?

I went to Spain a few times. I love Spain! And being in London you hop on a plane to Europe and you’re there! There’s this beautiful part, my parents actually took us there when we were kids and I was searching the world for this beach and it was in my mind and I thought it must have just been in my memory, but it turns out, it exists and it’s in Spain and I love it!

Nice. So you’ve just signed with Virgin EMI, how does that feel?

Surreal, completely surreal! I’ve got the chance to do it before and I’ve got the chance to do it again. It brings a tear to my eye, everybody is so good and so amazing that I just feel really really really fortunate.

You’ve had a bit of time away from music, how does it feel coming back to it?

To be a singer you can just walk around the house and sing, you don’t have to be in a studio or on a stage. [It’s] something I’ve always loved to do. [I’m] working with Brian Higgins again, who did all of the Girls Aloud stuff.

You must have a great working relationship with him!

I met Brian when I was 17, we’ve done every Girls Aloud song ever really, all of our singles have all been Brian, he knows how to push me and we just have a great way of working together. I love the challenge with different tunes.

Considering your time away, do you feel nervous or excited about coming back?

I feel excited because it’s one of those really odd things where it’s so out there, like oh my god, you shoot a video, you do photo shoots, you do all these things, it’s such an exciting job that I’m really really happy to be back and I’m really happy to be here and I’m really happy to have all the people here and have these opportunities.

What can we expect to hear? What’s the sound that you’re going for?

The sound is definitely pop. I’m all about the pop! My voice has changed a bit since before, so it’s a bit more soulful, soulful melodies, but just fun, the whole thing! What you can expect is to get up and be dancing and be able to put it on and hopefully feel energised and in a better mood, that’s the hope, that’s what we’re really going for, fun times!

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7 Sep 2017
Catagories: Music 26

Since Girls Aloud’s split in 2012, it’s felt like there’s been a gaping hole in pop that’s just been waiting to be filled. And who better to fill it than Nadine Coyle, whose considerable vocal acrobatics were at the centre of the group’s hugest hits, and Xenomania, the songwriting and production geniuses responsible for the group’s 21 Top 10 singles – including four Number 1s.

While Nadine already scored solo success with 2010 single Insatiable, and her debut album of the same name, aside from a few guest appearances – including a duet with Westlife star Shane Filan – Nadine has been fairly quiet.

But now pop’s ultimate dream team of Nadine and producer Brian Higgins, along with the rest of the Xenomania crew, have reunited to recreate the magic, and the good news is… they’ve still got it!

New single Go To Work is out this Friday (September 8) and after a few listens, we can tell you it’s a guaranteed floorfiller that stays true to Nadine’s pop roots but gives an exciting glimpse into the new direction both her and Xenomania might be heading in.

The best dance songs take their cues from the classics while keeping an eye on what’s happening right now, and Go To Work mixes the two brilliantly. Its infectious housey piano and incessant beat recalls the golden era of the ’90s, while the bang up-to-date production includes elements any pop fan of 2017 would be familiar with – tropical house influences are present and correct, even if the overall vibe is nowhere near as laid-back. Go To Work is here to DANCE.

The main draw here, of course, is Nadine, whose vocals have never sounded better. Nadine is always at her best when she’s wrapping her powerful voice round a banger that’s laden with hooks, and the the urgent lyrics and effortless delivery are quite the motivator. “Tell me what I gotta do to get you up in the morning,” implores Nadine as she drags her lazy lover, but we reckon all we’d need to get out of bed would be Nadine herself – she’s not to be messed with here. Nadine’s voice was always a showstopper, and on Go To Work we can hear how it’s matured; she sounds as powerful as ever, but there’s a new depth and richness to it.

Songs can live or die on the strength of a chorus, and Go To Work is full of beans, as Nadine lays down the law, ensuring the message is sent loud and clear. Guaranteed to immediately take residence in your brain as your new favourite back-to-school banger, Go To Work is so good you’ll almost forget your date of birth in all the excitement. Let’s go to work!

Go To Work is available to download and stream from Friday, September 8.


7 Sep 2017
Catagories: Music 26

Nadine will take to the stage this Saturday 9th of September, her first performance for Go To Work.

The Manchester Arena is officially opening with this special benefit concert to honour those impacted by May’s atrocities, and welcome back live entertainment fans to the Arena.

All profits from the concert will raise money for the Manchester Memorial Fund, a charitable trust overseen by the Lord Mayor of Manchester which will go towards establishing a permanent memorial for the 22 May attack.

All tickets have now been sold, however if you are lucky enough to be going, make sure you read the security procedures on the website

We will be posting pictures and videos on Twitter and here in due course, so stay updated with us!

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